Responsive Design Websites


Making sure your website is responsive (mobile friendly) is the smartest move a business owner can make in today’s society. Tablet sales expecting to exceed over 100 million this year, and that’s not including smart phones or any other mobile device.

Mobile search is predicted to exceed desk top search by 2016 and if your website is not viewable or even worse, giving an error on a mobile device, this will do irreversible damage to your business.

As a result, the team at SEO Website Designs include a responsive design with all new developments.

What isĀ  a Responsive Design?

Put simply, a responsive design is a template/website which uses media queries to identify the resolution of the screen size of the mobile device it is being displayed on and will adjust the website accordingly. In other words, your website will display perfectly and readable on all mobile devices.

Why Should I Have a Responsive Design?

Just recently Google announced that all websites that are not mobile friendly will be demoted in the search engines. The reason for this is that Google will give preference to websites that gives the user the best experience possible.

Websites that are not mobile friendly will generally have a high bounce rate, which mean once a user lands on your site via a mobile search, they usually click the ‘back’ button within seconds once they realise your site is not viewable on their mobile device.

Taking this into consideration, it is most important to invest in a responsive design website from a rankings and conversions point of view.






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