Search Engine Optimisation Services


Starting at $1550 per month

Having a nice looking website seems to be a high priority for business owners today. However, in reality your websites visual appeal will be worthless if it does not generate traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy.

Without it, your website will almost certainly fail.

If your website is buried deep in the search engines, your potential customers are most likely struggling to find it. As a result your website is generating little traffic and even smaller conversions.

How can our SEO Website Designs company help your business?

Our SEO services start off with an audit of your website to identify any obvious issues on page. Broken links, meta tags, titles, html validation, cannonical issues and page speed are just a few of the areas we check. Making sure your ‘on page SEO’ is perfect will lay the foundations for future success.

From here we will perform a ‘keyword analysis’ which will tell us exactly which terms we should be targeting for your industry and how competitive these search terms are.

Then, we will customize a plan of attack and implement our SEO strategies accordingly.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

These day there is a lot of emphasis on ‘local SEO’ and so there should be. If your business has a physical address and you are not taking advantage of local SEO, you would be missing out on enquires and conversions!

Local SEO is also the driving factor behind brand awareness.

Link Building

With Google’s Penguin algorithm well established since it’s launch back in April 2012, link development has never been more important! Unnatural and inorganic links can destroy ones business over night and we have seen that happen on a huge scale.

At SEO Website Designs we practice a technique that involves manually developing natural links. We have achieved #1 rankings for highly competitive search terms without using that term as the anchor text, at all! Pure white hat techniques that do not violate Google’s Quality Guidelines.

SEO Reports

Reports are a great indicator of how things are coming along. We use them to measure our success, which can identify areas that need more or less attention.

From the moment we start working on your website, we are constantly monitoring results. At the end of each monthly cycle we will send you an in depth SEO report which includes all statistics regarding your project.

No contracts, no worries

We do not lock our customers into contracts like most other agencies, however we do advise that it usually takes approx 3 months to see best results. It can take Google this long to swallow our work, but in most cases it is much sooner. Sometimes days!

At SEO Website Designs, we have ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ packages to suit all budgets. Please give us a call on 02 96234410 to discuss your requirements, or you can make contact with via our ‘contact‘ page.


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